Be Prepared for the Minimum Wage Change

Posted on: November 5, 2013, by :

Beginning December 31, 2013, New York State’s minimum wage will increase in a series of three annual changes as follows:

$8.00 on 12/31/13
$8.75 on 12/31/14
$9.00 on 12/31/15

Minimum Wage Webinar Series

Don’t be caught off-guard! New York State employers are invited to attend an educational webinar, which will provide detailed information on the following:

•       The industries that are affected
•       The employees who are affected
•       The rates, allowances and credits that will increase
•       Examples
•       LIVE Questions & Answers
•       How to get more information
Hospitality Industry                                                      All Other Industries
Tuesday, Nov. 12  3-4pm                                             Thursday, Nov. 14  2-3pm
Wednesday, Nov. 13  10-11am                                     Friday, Nov. 15  10-11am
All you need to view a webinar is a computer with Internet access and a phone! Space is limited so register now! It is quick and easy to register, just click this link:
After you register, you will get an e-mail message with a link to the event, the phone number and instructions.
If you are not able to participate, you can view a recording of the webinars on our website. Recordings will be posted the week after the webinars take place.
Check back in early November for website updates and to download copies of new Minimum Wage publications, Industry Wage Orders, posters and FAQs:
The Minimum Wage regulations showing proposed changes are posted on the Department of Labor’s website under Legal Updates:
Pay special attention to the “Part number” of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (“NYCRR”) to be sure you reference the correct document for the industry you seek: 12 NYCRR Part 141 (building service), Part 142 (miscellaneous industries), Part 143 (nonprofit) and Part 146 (hospitality).
Underlined items show the proposed rate changes to allowances or credits which result from the increase in the State Minimum Wage rate. No changes are proposed for rules such as recordkeeping requirements.