ConEd System Upgrades

Posted on: August 18, 2014, by :

Starting this week, ConEd will be upgrading the gas mains on Bell Boulevard between 40th Avenue and 41st Avenues and on 41st Avenue between 213th Street and 214th Place.  This project is expected to take a couple of weeks to complete.  The Bayside Village BID has been in contact with the contractor to make sure that the disruptions from this project will have minimal impact on the businesses on Bell Boulevard.  The Bayside Village Website will include up to date information as the project moves forward.

Below are a couple of FAQs for this project.

1.  Is the entire area going to be torn up at a single time?
No,  the contractor will work on the project in small sections about 50 feet.  Each section should take about two days to complete. The first day they will cut the street and excavate the dirt above the current gas main.  On the second day they will replace the gas main and fill in the hole. 

2.  Will the Bayside Village BID lose the parking when the contractor is not working?
No,  the contractor will place steel plates over the sections that are dug up at the end of each day, so that patrons can park when construction is not going on.

3. When will the work take place during the day?
The work on Bell Boulevard will take place between 9AM – 4PM and when they are working on 41st Avenue the work will take place from 7AM – 6 PM

4. Who do I contact if I have any questions
If your business is located in the project area the contract will reach out to you directly.  If you still have any other questions, or if you are a businesses in the area that has any questions please contact the BID office immediately, and the BID will follow up with the appropriate individuals.  The BID's office number is 718-423-2434.

For more information please download the official announcement from ConEd here.