Happy Holidays !!!

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Dear Members, Associates and Friends of The Bayside Village BID,


Bayside and The Bell Boulevard Business Corridor

Just Had It's Most Spectacular Fall Season In History !!!!

If you've been reading any of the local papers, there have been a basketful of front page and column articles praising the work, complimenting the progress and chronicling the activities and accomplishments the Bayside Village BID has just achieved for the district.

If you have a copy of this last weeks Queens Courier (Nov 24-30 issue with "Spa Fight" on the cover) 

you'll find an Op-Ed piece entitled "Bayside, the Sea Biscuit of BIDs" on the top right hand corner of page 29.

If you don't have a copy of the paper I've attached a lengthier, unedited version of the OpEd piece as well as links to videos at the bottom of this e-mail for your convenience.

The article speaks about "The New Vitality" and positive energy that's got Bayside Rockin and Rollin again.

It talks about how Bayside just out performed and out shined all our neighboring districts with outdoor street events and promotional activities placing Bayside back in the limelight of first places to shop and dine when consumers go out and how it brought approx 3,500-4000 pedestrians back out onto the sidewalks and streets of Bayside.

It talks about how the Bayside BID just came to the call of Assemblyman Ed Braunstein and the Bayside Historic Society with a donation from Mr. "T's carting to help give our Historic Lawrence Family Cemetery a face lift. It talks about how we got rid of that eyesore garbage dumpster in the center of town and upgraded the LIRR Station Park next to Sullivan's to turn it back into a usable and attractive Town Square.

It talks about how, for the first time in 17 years, street festival permits have been issued around Bell Boulevard again that have had Baysider's literally dancing in the streets with our music filled events.

The first was the socially conscious  "First Annual Fire and Safety Awareness Day Music Festival".

in collaboration with our Local Firestation 306. Co-Sponsored by Bayside Chrysler and by Senator Tony Avella. 

The second was our "First Annual RETAIL EXPO" that had 12 bands playing at both ends of 41st Ave all day long and focused on reconnecting our community with our local commerce and shopkeepers.

The third was our "Second Annual Art and Crafts Fair" that was sponsored by Helm's Bros Mercedes Benz / Volkswagon that was bigger and better than ever. From energizing Rock and Roll to uplifting Opera, the music filled streets around the LIRR train station were crowded from morning until night and the event still continues to be a subject of fun conversation for many who were there.

We followed these music events with our "First Annual Halloween Window Decoration Contest"

and closed the season with the American Express Small Business Saturday and the lighting of 

"The New Improved Holiday Lights" that now line the boulevard and welcome people to Bayside Village.

Never before has the tone been so aggressively crafted and the stage been so perfectly set for Bayside and the merchants along the Bell Boulevard Business Corridor to thrive and enjoy and prosper from.

We at the Bayside Village Business Improvement District want to wish you all a very happy, healthy and very prosperous holiday season and we want to thank all of you for the support you've given us in helping to bring Bayside back on top and ON THE RISE !!!  🙂 

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Holidays to all,

Most Sincerely,

Your Executive Director

Gregg P. Sullivan

Bayside Village BID