The Bayside Village BID Puts a Fresh Coat of Paint On Bell Boulevard

Posted on: August 13, 2013, by :

The Bayside Village Business Improvement District announced its new beautification efforts through Graffiti Removal and the cleaning and painting of street furniture throughout the BID district.   With over 14,000 cars, 4,000 LIRR commuters and the thousands of MTA Bus riders that travel Bell Boulevard every day, the boulevard has received its fair share of wear and tear over the year.  

The Bayside Village BID will be performing these services using the BID’s supplemental sanitation service provider Atlantic Maintenance.  The Graffiti removal and painting services will be provided once a month to all businesses and building in the BID at no additional charge to individual businesses. 

On, August 7, 2013 Atlantic Maintenance conducted its first wave of graffiti removal along private buildings. 4 instances of Graffiti from private property were removed at Bell Bay Florist, Atlantic Bank, Empress Travel and Top Bagels.  

Over the next week, Atlantic Maintenance will be out along Bell Boulevard, removing stickers, cleaning Graffiti and providing a fresh coat of paint to city owned items such as fire hydrants, bike racks, light poles, fire call boxes, etc, along Bell Boulevard and 41st Avenue.  Like the graffiti removal, Atlantic Maintenance will maintain this work once a month.

Lyle Sclair, Executive Director, Bayside Village BID said, “These beautification efforts are another step the BID has undertaken in the past year to make Bell Boulevard welcoming to day time shoppers.” He continued, “We want to make people feel that Bell Boulevard is a place that you can come for the day and take a stroll.  Many of the events that the BID’s events including Arts and Crafts Fairs, Sidewalk Sales and Weekend Walk and Halloween Festival are designed to highlight the diversity of Business with in the BID.“

“The Bayside Village BID is continuing the efforts that were begun by the Bayside Business Association,” said Dominick Bruccoleri, Chairman, Bayside Village BID.  “This stretch of Bell Boulevard is the best stretch of Dining in all of Queens and we want the condition of the boulevard to match the high quality of businesses that call Bell Boulevard home.”

“Atlantic Maintenance serves over 50 BIDs across New York City, and we have found that these types of programs actively discourage Graffiti,” noted David Goldberg, Principal, Atlantic Maintenance. “Once a person sees that there efforts are going to be covered up quickly they will choose not to waste their time doing it again in that place.” 

"I would like to thank Executive Director Lyle Sclair, and everyone at the Bayside Village BID for implementing this vital initiative. The graffiti removal and painting services program led by Atlantic Maintenance will help beautify Bell Boulevard and will have a positive impact, not only for our small business owners, but for our community as a whole."